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Reduce or prevent snoring with this anti-snoring mouthguard. It's customisable to your jaw!

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How do Anti-snoring Mouthguards Work?

Have you been told you snore? Does your partner snore? Do you or your partner regularly ditch the bed in search of a quieter spot to sleep? Snoring is no joke. It can interrupt your sleep, cause excessive sleepiness during the day, and affect your energy levels. And not to mention affecting your relationship with your partner!

The snoring sound is produced in the back of the throat. It generally happens when the soft tissues of the throat and/or tongue partially obstruct your airway. This can happen because when you sleep, your muscles relax, including your neck muscles.

Anti-snoring devices and mouthguards work by bringing your lower jaw and tongue slightly forward. This makes the space at the back of your mouth and your airway a little wider. That way, the air has more space to pass through without resistance. Anti-snoring devices that work this way are called Mandibular Advancement Devices, or MADs, because of the way they bring your jaw forwards.

Anti-Snoring Mouthguard - How do Anti-snoring Mouthguards Work? -

Helps you To Breathe Normally

Since the anti-snoring mouthguard changes the position of your jaw, it reduces or eliminates snoring. It also helps you to breathe more normally during sleep. How? It has a small space at the front of the mouthguard. This is so you can have a constant flow of air through your mouth. If your nose is blocked or partially blocked, you’ll still be able to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

It may take a few days to get used to wearing a night guard in your mouth. It would be very unusual to experience pain. But if you do, make sure the guard is properly adjusted.

Anti-Snoring Mouthguard - Helps you To Breathe Normally -

Adjustable to Your Mouth

This anti-snoring mouthguard is made of semi-soft ABS plastic. This is an advantage for many people who prefer a soft mouthguard over a rigid one. It doesn’t taste of anything. You can customise this mouthguard to fit your mouth exactly. Boil it in water for a couple of minutes, then let it cool down slightly. Put it in your mouth and bite firmly. You’ll get an impression of your teeth and the shape of your jaws. You can also adjust the mouthguard in millimetre increments.

Over time, the exact position of your teeth tends to change. What should you do if you notice the mouthguard is starting to feel uncomfortable? Simply reboil it and take the mould again. Please note; this mouthguard isn’t suitable for people who use dentures.

This mouthguard is durable. But of course, as with anything you use every day, it will eventually wear out and need replacing. With teeth grinding it may wear down faster. Regular cleaning will help your mouthguard to last longer. Use a soft toothbrush, and clean it with water and toothpaste. That will keep it clean and keep bacteria levels down.

Anti-Snoring Mouthguard - Adjustable to Your Mouth -

Improve Your General Health

Sleeping problems can cause other health issues and can greatly impact your lifestyle. Snoring can affect your sleep, decreasing your energy levels during the day and making you irritable and listless. Teeth grinding also brings its own set of problems. An aching jaw, a dull headache when you wake up, neck pain, and sore teeth may all be signs of teeth grinding, or bruxism.

This anti-snore mouthguard can help with these issues. Since this mouthguard reduces snoring, you’ll get a better night’s sleep. That means you’ll have more energy during the day. It can also help with mild cases of teeth grinding. While it won’t stop you from grinding your teeth, it will take the pressure off your teeth. It will also protect them by keeping your jaws apart.

Anti-Snoring Mouthguard - Improve Your General Health -

Useful for Some Sleep Apnea Cases

Mouthguards can be a good option for people who have sleep apnea. Since the device repositions your lower jaw and tongue, it helps prevent your tongue from blocking your airway. Many with mild to moderate sleep apnea have found the anti-snore mouthguard to help. They’ve reported sleeping better and deeper than they have for a long time. It’s also much cheaper than many other options.

If you suspect you have a sleep disorder, talk to your doctor. Undiagnosed sleep apnea or other disorders can cause several serious health issues. We recommend you consult with a professional to make sure you get a solution that’s right for you.

Anti-Snoring Mouthguard - Useful for Some Sleep Apnea Cases -

Technical characteristics :

  • Size: 66 mm wide | 37 mm deep | 24 mm high
  • Colours: white or blue
  • Material: ABS plastic
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    Included :

    1 x Anti-snoring mouthguard

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