Multi use expandable and foldable travel bag

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  • Expandable volume

  • Foldable and handy

  • Wet and dry separation

  • Back zipper pocket

  • Waterproof fabric

Travel conveniently and have everything at hand with this multi use expandable and foldable travel bag.

Expandable and foldable travel bag │ Waterproof Large capacity bag │ Hand Luggage - Ozerty

Multi use bag

Do you like traveling with all your necessary items at hand? Are you planning to go to the gym, to your yoga class or to do the shopping? No matter what you are up to, this multi use foldable bag is a convenient accessory you should take with you.

It’s versatile and thanks to its modern, fashionable design it will go well with all your different outfits and looks. You can carry it by hand, on the shoulder or put it on your suitcase.

Multi use expandable and foldable travel bag - Multi use bag - Ozerty

Expandable Design

The bag itself is capacious, letting you put inside and order all the necessary items you’d like to take with you. Designed for travellers that get more things during the trip and need space to carry it all, this bag is expandable.

The normal bag’s size is 42cm x 22cm x 38cm (L x W x H), but the extension gives you extra 12cm of height. It makes a huge difference if it comes to the bag's capacity.

Multi use expandable and foldable travel bag - Expandable Design - Ozerty

Foldable and handy

Not only does it have a large capacity but also it’s really handy if it comes to transporting. The bag is compact and foldable so it takes very little space when you don’t use it.
Carry it with you in your pocket wherever you go and unfold it when you need it so that it doesn’t disturb you in the meanwhile. If you’re not planning to use it soon, you can easily put it away in a drawer or a cupboard. Storage does not take up space - how convenient!

Multi use expandable and foldable travel bag - Foldable and handy - Ozerty

Wet separation bag

Are you going to the swimming pool or to the beach and you will have to put somewhere your wet clothes? The expandable travel bag offer a clever separated pocket with a zipper closing, which is also the expandable part of the bag.

Thus, you can conveniently organise your clothes or belongings to be sure not to wet part of your other clothes or if you transport liquids or specific items that is more prudent to separate from other things.

Multi use expandable and foldable travel bag - Wet separation bag - Ozerty

Multiple pockets

Keep all your items well ordered and safe from any damage thanks to the design of this foldable expandable multi use bag. The bag is equipped with a few inside patch pockets so that you can easily and quickly find everything you need. With this bag missing your phone calls because you can’t find your phone inside the bag is a thing of the past.

Made of waterproof Oxford fabric, wear resistant and durable material and various pockets with zippers, travel with confidence during any weather and seasons and keep your belongings protected.

Multi use expandable and foldable travel bag - Multiple pockets - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Main material: Oxford
  • Closure type: zipper
  • Hardness: soft
  • Item weight: 460g
  • Dimensions: 22cm x 42cm x 38cm
  • Extension size: 12cm
    Multi use expandable and foldable travel bag - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Expandable travel bag 

    Multi use expandable and foldable travel bag - Package - Ozerty
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