Mylar Emergency Survival Bag

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  • Ultimate Survival Gear

  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Versatile Use

  • Reflective Surface

  • Mylar Thermal Material

Introducing the Mylar Emergency Blanket, your indispensable companion for any outdoor adventure or emergency situation. This Emergency Sleeping Bag is more than just a sleeping bag; it's a survival tool designed to protect you in the toughest conditions.

Mylar Emergency Survival Bag - Ozerty

Essential Survival Gear

Our Survival Emergency Blanket is a must-have in any emergency kit.Crafted from premium Mylar Thermal material, our Emergency Sleeping Bag is a vital survival tool, designed to keep you safe and warm in the harshest conditions. This innovative material is engineered to reflect 90% of your body heat, effectively creating a thermal barrier that traps warmth around you. As you nestle inside, the bag acts as a cocoon, preserving your body heat while simultaneously repelling the biting cold, fierce wind, and penetrating water from the outside. It's not just a sleeping bag; it's your personal shield against the relentless forces of nature.

Mylar Emergency Survival Bag -  Essential Survival Gear - Ozerty

Compact and Lightweight

Our Emergency Sleeping Bag redefines portability and convenience, being 100x lighter than a regular sleeping bag. Weighing in at a mere 4.7 oz, it's lighter than a Zippo lighter, ensuring you can effortlessly carry it wherever your adventures take you. But it's not just about weight; this sleeping bag's compactness is unparalleled. It's so incredibly compact that it's smaller than a soda can, allowing you to store it virtually anywhere, from your go-bag to your glove compartment, or even a kitchen drawer. This means it's always within reach, ready to provide protection and warmth whenever you need it. With this Emergency Sleeping Bag, you're always prepared, without any added bulk or weight.

Mylar Emergency Survival Bag - Compact and Lightweight - Ozerty

Versatility at Its Best

Not just for sleeping, SurvivePro's reflective surface doubles as a critical survival tool, capable of signaling for help in emergencies. This multifunctional feature enhances its value, making it indispensable for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and climbing. Whether you're in need of warmth or a way to alert rescuers, this emergency blanket has you covered. Its versatility extends beyond mere comfort, providing a beacon of hope and safety in dire situations, ensuring you're prepared for any eventuality and can confidently tackle any adventure.

Mylar Emergency Survival Bag - Versatility at Its Best - Ozerty

Waterproof, Windproof, Tear-Resistant

The Emergency Sleeping Bag is a paragon of outdoor survival gear, meticulously designed to be 100% windproof, waterproof, and resistant to tearing. Its extra-thick material doesn't just preserve warm air around your body; it forms a steadfast barrier that repels wind and water, ensuring you remain dry and protected. Unmatched in its durability, this sleeping bag is reusable, ready to withstand repeated use in the toughest conditions. Additionally, its material is engineered to reduce noise, providing a quiet and serene shelter. This sleeping bag isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a comprehensive shield against the elements, setting a new benchmark for what a sleeping bag can achieve.

Mylar Emergency Survival Bag - Waterproof, Windproof, Tear-Resistant - Ozerty

Stay Visible and Safe

In addition to keeping you warm, our survival bag emergency's reflective surface ensures you're visible to rescuers, significantly enhancing your safety in emergency situations. Its high-visibility colors stands out against any backdrop, increasing your chances of being found. Moreover, the inclusion of a whistle hanging from the bag adds an extra layer of security. In situations where visibility alone isn't enough, the whistle can be used to emit loud, piercing sounds, drawing attention and aid to your location, ensuring that you remain not just visible but audibly detectable and safe.

Mylar Emergency Survival Bag - Stay Visible and Safe - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Colour: Orange, Green
  • Opened up dimensions: 200cm x 90cm( 78 x 36in )
  • Material: Mylar Thermal
    Mylar Emergency Survival Bag - Technical characteristics - Ozerty

    Product content:

    1 x Emergency Survival Bag






    Mylar Emergency Survival Bag - Product content - Ozerty

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