Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer

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  • Pelvic Floor Strengthening
  • Biofeedback Technology
  • Non-invasive relief
  • Ergonomic Materials
  • Customizable Workouts

The Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer is an FDA-cleared device that strengthens pelvic floor muscles for both men and women. Using advanced biofeedback technology, it provides non-invasive relief from bladder control issues and pelvic pain. Enhance your intimate wellness with this comfortable and discreet trainer.

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer - Ozerty

Powerful Pelvic Strengthening

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer's advanced technology revolutionizes the way pelvic floor muscles are strengthened. Utilizing high-intensity pelvic muscle contractions, this device replicates the effects of performing 10,000 Kegel exercises in a single session. This targeted approach not only enhances muscle tone but also provides substantial relief from issues like urinary incontinence, postpartum recovery complications, and pelvic pain. The consistent use of this pelvic floor trainer leads to better control over urinary functions and improved intimate life, making it an essential tool for both men and women looking to enhance their overall pelvic health.

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer - Powerful Pelvic Strengthening - Ozerty

Innovative Biofeedback Technology

At the heart of Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer is its state-of-the-art biofeedback technology, which offers precise stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles. This technology monitors and adjusts the intensity of muscle contractions to ensure optimal results. Users can track their progress and receive real-time feedback, enabling them to achieve their pelvic health goals more efficiently. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing conditions such as erectile dysfunction, difficulty with defecation, and anal diseases, as it provides a scientifically-backed method to strengthen and rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles.

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer - Innovative Biofeedback Technology - Ozerty

Effective Non-Invasive Relief

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer provides a non-invasive, drug-free solution for enhancing pelvic floor strength and overall pelvic health. Unlike surgical options or medication, the pelvic floor trainer uses the High Performance Engine (HPE) to stimulate deep pelvic muscle contractions naturally. This approach eliminates the risks associated with invasive procedures and the side effects of medications. As a result, users can enjoy improved bladder control, reduced hip and back pain, and a revitalized intimate life without undergoing surgery or consuming pharmaceuticals, making it a safe and effective alternative for many.

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer - Effective Non-Invasive Relief - Ozerty

Premium Comfort

Comfort and safety are paramount in the design of this pelvic floor trainer. The device is made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, ensuring that it is both safe and comfortable for prolonged use. The soft, flexible flanges adapt to the body's contours, providing a secure and comfortable fit. This attention to material quality not only enhances the user experience but also ensures that the device meets stringent medical standards. Whether used at home, in the office, or on the go, Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer offers a hygienic and comfortable solution for pelvic floor training, suitable for both men and women.

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer - Premium Comfort - Ozerty

Tailored Workouts

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer stands out with its customizable workout settings, allowing users to tailor their pelvic floor exercises to their specific needs. With multiple intensity levels and programmable sessions, users can choose the workout that best suits their fitness level and health goals. This flexibility makes this pelvic floor trainer an ideal choice for a wide range of users, from those recovering from childbirth to individuals dealing with sedentary lifestyles. The ability to personalize workouts ensures that users can progress at their own pace, achieving better results and maintaining their pelvic health more effectively.

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer - Tailored Workouts - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

Material: PC + Resin

Size: 20.8 x 14.8 x 5 cm |

Battery capacity: 2000mAh (polymer) Input voltage: DC5V1A Operating voltage: 110V-240V Working current: 1.5A Wireless mode: 433MHZ

Standby time: 180 days Gear position function: 5 gears

Color- Blue

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer - Technical characteristics - Ozerty

Product content:

1 x Leather storage box

1 x Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer

1 x Pelvic Muscle Remote Control

1 x USB charging cable

1 x Manual

Non-Invasive Relief Pelvic Floor Trainer - Product content - Ozerty

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