Fake Skeleton Hands Glove

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  • Costume Complement

  • Wide Application

  • Sturdy Build

  • Easy To Put On

  • Great Halloween Gift

Make your costumes even spookier and leave everyone you come in contact with feeling the full fright of the season with these scary skeleton hands.

Skeleton Fingers - Scary Skeleton Hands Glove – Halloween Skeleton Fingers -

The Perfect Halloween Costume Complement

Do you feel that your Halloween costume is looking a bit drab, or it just doesn’t have the right level of spookiness you’re after? If you do, then it’s probably because your costume is still lacking some vital component that would have allowed it to attain the Halloween-standard spookiness heights you’re aiming for.

Not to worry, though, because if improving your Halloween costume is what you’re after, then this Halloween scary skeleton fingers costume is the perfect costume complement for you. These skeleton fingers are so scary and unnatural that they’ll perfectly fit in with all the other Halloween costume additions you already have on.

Fake Skeleton Hands Glove - The Perfect Halloween Costume Complement -

Wide Application

Now you might be thinking, “These scary skeleton fingers look cool and all, but do I really need one for my costume? After all, it probably won’t be a good match for me?” The answer to that is an absolute yes! You see, one of the things that makes this scary skeleton glove a perfect choice for you besides the amount of spookiness it has on its own is the fact that it has a wide application.

This skeleton hand costume is so versatile that it’ll be an improvement on whatever costume you already have on, even if it’s a vampire costume or a suit with some face paints. Beyond simply putting it on, however, you’ll also be able to use it to decorate your home and add that extra spookiness to your designs. Why not try it out at the next costume party you go to?

Fake Skeleton Hands Glove - Wide Application -

Sturdy Build

One problem with most costumes is that they are usually poorly made, meaning that they tend to have poor durability, so you won’t they’ll spoil or break easily after just a single use. This means that if you purchase these low-quality costumes, for example for Halloween, you’ll most likely have to go shopping again the next year since they’ll no longer be fit for wearing.

Unlike these other costume options, however, this one is made with sturdy and durable materials so you won’t have to worry about it getting spoilt after a single use.

Fake Skeleton Hands Glove - Sturdy Build -

Easy To Put On

In addition to having a sturdy build that ensures you’ll be able to use it as long as you want and a wide application design, this skeleton hand is also easy to put on. It also has a lightweight design, so you’ll have no trouble whatsoever getting it on or off your hands and you won’t get uncomfortable moving around while wearing it.

Fake Skeleton Hands Glove - Easy To Put On -

Fun Gift

Halloween is a great time to exchange gifts with your loved ones, and in keeping with the nature of the season, this set of scary skeleton hands will make for a great gift choice for your friends and loved ones. They’ll always be able to add it to their Halloween costume or even use it for other costume events.

Fake Skeleton Hands Glove - Fun Gift -

Technical characteristics :

  • Style: White Pair, Black Pair, Left White, Left Black, Right Black, Right White
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Size: 28 x 13cm
Fake Skeleton Hands Glove - Dimensions -

Included :

1 x Skeleton Finger Glove (or 1 pair)

Fake Skeleton Hands Glove - Package -

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