Detergent Dispenser With Sponge Holder

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  • 2 in 1 design

  • Large capacity

  • Compact

  • One-handed operation

  • Saves washing-up liquid

Keep your kitchen neat and dispense the perfect amount of washing-up liquid by using this detergent dispenser with a sponge holder.

Washing-up liquid Pump | Detergent Dispenser With Sponge Holder -

Pump Detergent Dispenser

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen every day. We prepare meals for our beloved family members, wash the dishes, clean and try to keep the entire space neat. It’s our way to show our love and care. When it comes to kitchen cleaning accessories, depending on their design, they can make our life so much easier. But you know that, right? The fact that you’re here shows that quality matters to you. So let us tell you something more about this kitchen detergent dispenser with a sponge holder. It will be a game-changer in your kitchen.

Kitchen Detergent Dispenser With Sponge Holder - Pump Detergent Dispenser -

Washing-Up Liquid Dispenser

Have you ever wasted a lot of washing-up liquid because it has spilt unnecessarily on the sponge or in the sink? We all know that story… That’s why we’re happy to tell you that with this soap dispenser that won't happen anymore! When you press the dispenser with sufficient force, you will get exactly the amount of washing-up liquid you need. Zero waste. Isn't that great? The one-handed operation option is another plus.

Kitchen Detergent Dispenser With Sponge Holder - Washing-Up Liquid Dispenser -

Sponge Holder

The other useful feature of this kitchen cleaning tool is its sponge holder function. Since you'll be able to keep your sponge in the same spot, you can easily keep your sink neat and clean. Avoid wet stains or smelly impurities by squeezing all the water out of the sponge before putting it on the sponge holder. It will keep your sponge clean, and your kitchen counters will stay tidy and dry. The 2 in 1 design is definitely a huge feature of this handy kitchen cleaning tool.

Kitchen Detergent Dispenser With Sponge Holder - Sponge Holder -

Large Capacity

Save your precious time and energy thanks to the large-capacity design of this washing-up liquid dispenser. It has a capacity of 380 ml so there’s no need to refill it often. Thanks to its soap-saving dispensing function, once you fill it, the detergent will last ages. It’s suitable for different kinds of washing-up liquid soaps so go ahead and use it with your favourite one.

Kitchen Detergent Dispenser With Sponge Holder - Large Capacity -

Compact and Sturdy

Made of high-quality materials, this washing-up liquid dispenser is resistant to pressure, scratches and cracking. The sturdy design is practical and won't break easily. It’s very easy to disassemble, wash and refill on the go. The built-in non-slip pad will keep the dispenser in place, even when you press it. The minimalist, compact design is perfect for those who like keeping things simple and aesthetic. Use it at home, in the office, in your shop, restaurant or wherever it will be useful. Enjoy!

Kitchen Detergent Dispenser With Sponge Holder - Compact and Sturdy -

Technical characteristics :

  • Size: 14 cm x 10.5 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 380 ml
  • Item weight: 190 g
  • Dispenser: Manual
Kitchen Detergent Dispenser With Sponge Holder - Dimensions -

Included :

1 x Soap dispenser

Kitchen Detergent Dispenser With Sponge Holder - Package -

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